Leave a Message for Your Loved Ones with My Afterwords App

Leave a Message for Your Loved Ones

Leaving messages for loved ones is no longer a theoretical concern because of a burgeoning sector of the economy devoted to handling death in the digital era. Users can now submit video, music, photos, or text messages to be transferred electronically to a selected “heir” at a date, occasion, or even location of their choosing. It is made possible by smartphone apps and services like My Afterwords App.

My Afterwords app ensures that your loved ones receive your final message. It offers an end-of-life planning service that is entirely unprecedented in the world. You can save messages for loved ones on the app, allowing you to say a few last words to them before you part ways for all time. With the help of the My Afterwords App, users can write as many messages for their loved ones and other recipients as possible, draft them whenever they want, and save them for the time when they won’t be able to speak those messages themselves. After sending your message for a year, you can also modify its content.


Overview of My Afterwords App

An entrepreneur from Singapore named Alan Ng came up with the concept for the app at the beginning of 2019. Alan had no expertise in creating applications or other tech-related businesses, nor was he a techie by trade. However, he possesses an inventive mind and a drive to provide valuable services that will improve this world. Alan has wanted to release his app for a long time because he recognises the acceptance of digitalisation and the new opportunities it is bringing to the globe. However, he needed to help develop a novel concept that would enable him to build popular software.

After spending a lot of time doing analysis and case studies, Alan understood how much emphasis app developers place on the quantitative parts of their products, almost forgetting the qualitative value they can add. He created the My Afterwords app to highlight this feature of mobile application services. This software enables you to send heartfelt love messages and words to those you care about.

Early in 2020, Alan started the development. Soon Covid-19 caught everyone off guard, and like millions of enterprises worldwide, Alan’s endeavour experienced a slowdown. A few months ago, Alan released the My Afterwords app after finishing the development process in a short amount of time. Alan says, “Everyone has busy lifestyles, but we should remember that death is certain and everyone has to leave this planet. So why not gather our thoughts and compose something for those who would miss us when we pass away?” The meaning of My Afterwords may aid in the mourning process.


Features of My Afterwords App that Help You Leave Meaningful Messages

The My Afterwords app was created after careful consideration, and it includes various ways of leaving messages after you die. These are a few of the intriguing features it provides for its users.

1. Save messages for loved ones.

Using the My Afterwords app, you can save messages for your loved ones that will be transmitted to them after your death. Save as many messages as you like that are good for a year.

2. Update your messages once a year.

The app’s database will protect any messages you have saved for your loved ones. You can change the message’s content and renew it for an additional year on its first anniversary. The message will be immediately deleted unless you update it after a two-day grace period.

3. Select dependable informers.

To use the My Afterwords app, you must select informers who will be in charge of notifying My Afterwords of your passing. A minimum of two and a maximum of five informers are available for you to pick from. Those chosen to be your informers should download the My Afterwords app and consent to do so.

4. Complete message security.

My Afterwords cares about your privacy and the worth of your message; as a result, it safeguards it from any external threat and even forbids informers from reading the content when they assist your loved one in deleting it.

5. Recover your messages.

If the user passes away, the My Afterwords app will enable your surviving family members to access your message through the informant’s account. The message shall be kept secret and out of sight of all humans until that point.

6. Free words for the people you love.

This remarkable tool lets you write messages and schedule them with informers. The free message can only be 1500 words long, though, and paid messages have a word limit of at most 15,000 characters.


How Does My Afterwords App Work?

Follow the simple instructions below.

Step 1: Download the app.

Install My Afterwords after downloading the app.

Step 2: Register as a member.

You need to create an account to join.

Step 3: Add Informers.

Informers are the people you choose to notify us of your passing. You must designate a minimum of two informers, and they must also agree to become informers by downloading the app. Choose candidates you can rely on and trust. Your close pals, spouse, or family members could be informers. Five Informers at most may be nominated.

Step 4: Start writing your messages.

Write a letter to your loved ones and nominate your Informers. You can always edit your messages.

Step 5: Save your messages.

You will receive an Update Validation Confirmation on the anniversary of your subscription. If necessary, you will need to verify and update the information in your contacts and messages. You can renew your messages for an additional year once you have approved the upgrade. The emails will be deleted unless you confirm the updates. After your membership anniversary, you have two months of grace to ensure the update.


Leave Messages After You Die with My Afterwords App

There is nothing like My Afterwords app’s unique offering in the mobile app market. All these concerns can be challenging for families, loved ones, and friends who are left behind during the grieving process. By bridging these gaps, My Afterwords App hopes to support people as they go through the grieving process.

The app provides a level of satisfaction that is difficult to find in other activities or services. Using technology to encourage love, compassion, and relationships that last even after a person has passed away in this mechanical behaviour age makes it worth it.

Since it’s free, everyone should submit their first message and suggest informers. Integrating audio-visual shareability into this fantastic app is another goal of the developers. Try it out by downloading it right away.