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  • Download and install My Afterwords. Register as a member. Nominate your Informers and write your message to your loved ones. You can always edit your messages.
  • Informers are people that you nominate who will inform us of your passing. You are required to nominate a minimum of 2 informers and they have to download the app as well to agree to become an informer. It is important that you nominate people that you can trust and rely upon. Informers can be your good friends, your spouse or your family members. You can nominate up to a maximum of 5 Informers.
  • On the anniversary of your membership, there will be an Update Validation Confirmation sent to you. You will need to confirm and update the contents of your messages and the contacts if necessary. Once you have confirmed the update, the messages will be renewed for another year. If you do not confirm on the updates, the messages will be deleted. You have a grace period of 2 months after the anniversary of your membership to confirm the update.