Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my messages are kept private and secure?

Our messages are stored in our secured database which are encoded using an encryption algorithm that is kept secured by a secret key in our cloud server.

2. Will my messages definitely get released after my death?

The important thing here is that your informer notifies us on your demise. As long as we receive notification from your informer, the messages will definitely be released to the intended parties. So it is important that you nominate a trusted and reliable informer to act for you.

3. How do I know that my intended parties will definitely receive my message?

You have to ensure that you have provided us with the correct notification channel, ie. email address, for us to deliver the message. This is why on the anniversary of your membership, we will send you a reminder to update your account.

4. What is this annual reminder to update account for?

We understand that the contents and intended recipients are very dear and private to all members. But life is a continual process and things will change, ie. contents of the messages, email address of recipients, nominated informers etc. To ensure that everything is kept updated and relevant, a reminder to update information is sent out annually.

5. Why don’t you provide free messages for all?

As much as we will like to, this simply isn’t possible. The truth is that these stored messages are private and dear to all members. We have to ensure that they are properly delivered to the intended recipients in due course. To do that, we have to ensure that we are properly financed and be a viable entity so that we can still be around to do the important task of delivering the messages.

6. What if I cannot find any Informer to act on my behalf?

The Informer plays a very important part. Without their notification, we cannot deliver the messages. You can always nominate a good and trustworthy friend, or even your spouse or siblings or children.

7. Can I use My Afterwords as my will?

Wills are legal instruments that sets out instructions on how you want to divide and distribute your assets upon death. However, Afterwords is not and can never be that. What we realised is that besides assets, most people would like to leave behind private messages for their loved ones and friends. Although these messages cannot bear legal representation, these words from the heart can prove to be more valuable than assets of monetary value.

8. I have sent an invitation to my friend to be my Informer but he still hasn’t confirmed his acceptance. What do I do?

The Informer role is very important. Once you nominate someone to be your Informer, that person will have to accept his role as an Informer before any of your messages can be successfully stored. If that person does not accept the role, then you have to nominate someone else who will accept that role.

9. Will my messages be released prematurely before my demise?

The messages will only be released once we receive notification from your Informers. Without that, the messages will not be delivered.

10. How long will my messages be stored?

For paid messages under our subscription packages, these will be stored until subscription expires or member decides not to subscribe anymore. Annual reminders for updating of account will be sent and free messages will be stored as long as these updates are done by the member.

11. I don’t see a need to leave messages behind, so why would I need this?

Afterwords is not for the member himself. It is for those that the member holds dear. During the grieving process, it can be very painful and long. So if the intended recipient receives a message after the member’s demise, it will be priceless to them. Some can find solace, some find closure and some basically just want to hear from the member again.

12. I am young and fit, death is the last thing on my mind.

No one can know for sure how they are going to leave this life. It can come at an old age or it can come as suddenly as tomorrow. Life is precious but it can be taken away at any time. People are accustomed to buying life insurance to provide some monetary security to the people they leave behind. But life is never always about money. Life is a lot more than that. It’s always the intangibles that we treasure the most. So spend a little time to say what you want to say in the event of your demise. These little words can mean a world of difference to the people you leave behind.

13. What happens when my subscription has expired and I did not renew?

Once subscription has expired, you will not be able to access those additional paid stored messages anymore except for the first free message (albridged to 1500 words). Within the first 3 months upon expiry, as long as you renew the package the stored messages will be reinstated. After which, the messages will be deleted from our servers.

14. Will my messages still be sent out if I did not renew subscription?

The first free message will still be sent out unless you had not updated your annual membership information reminder. For the paid subscription messages, those will only be sent if your membership had been current to the point of your demise.

15. What should I do if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can always go to the Apple AppStore / Google Playstore to cancel your subscription