“ Susan received a phone call. Her husband
had suddenly passed away in an accident.

She was totally devastated. After the funeral, she went back to work and smiled a smile she couldn’t feel. She only remembered she kept saying, “I’m ok.” but couldn’t remember any conversations she had. She cried so many times when alone, uttering the words “I love you” and realising that they never said it enough. Her heart kept sinking when she recalled the last time she said those words to him and how she was never going to hear it from him again. And then she received a notice from My Afterwords. Her husband had left a message for her there. Through My Afterwords, she retrieved her message.“ …….I love you honey…. “ She cried as she read the message. Somehow, she felt he was still there with her…”

About My Afterwords

Once someone is born to this world, then it is certain that one day, this person will die. In between all that is the process called Life, and everyone lives a storied one. Life however, is not just an individual journey. Throughout life, one is joined by other lives, their families, loved ones and friends. All these connections make us human. But one day, when someone passes on, it is the loss felt by others that can become deeply unbearable during the grieving process. Everyone grieves for someone at various points in life, and very often, many words have been left unsaid, many questions left unanswered and many what ifs left unfulfilled. During the grieving period, all these issues can weigh heavily on those families, loved ones and friends left behind. “My Afterwords” aims to bridge these issues and hopefully, help people during their grieving process.

About My Afterwords

“ Vincent’s mother passed away on a Monday morning. He had cared for her and loved her, but still, he felt so much pain.

He knew that her health was deteriorating and that she didn’t have long to live, but her death crushed him. He realised that there was no way to prepare for this. Death brings out all the pain that he had tried to avoid. And then he received a notice from My Afterwords. His mother had left him a message there. Through My Afterwords, he retrieved his message. He found out that his mother knew he would be devastated, but she didn’t say all the usual consoling words. Instead, his mother chose to recall how she felt during his early childhood to his grown up years. She had loved him all her life. Vincent felt his tears roll down…… His mother always know him best…”

My Afterwords is not an App for oneself. It is for the people you leave behind. One does not know when one will die. It could be a ripe old age, it could be as sudden as the next moment. What does matter is what happens after you are gone.

The messages that you leave behind for your family, your loved ones, your children or your friends can make a world of difference to them. After you are gone, for them to be able to hear from you again, that is priceless. For your children to be able to learn from you after you are gone is priceless. For your loved one to have your last words said to them over and again, that is priceless.

My Afterwords aims to be the App that provide such priceless moments to these people. One thing is for sure, we will all die someday. Let’s have words left behind after we are gone….

My Afterwords

Lenny found himself sick during a pandemic.
He was infected with the virus and possibility of death was real.

He was placed in isolation and no one could come to see him during this time. For the first time in his life, Lenny realised that his life could really end. On reflection, he found that there was so much he had to say to the people he loved, so much that he needed to do. He didn’t want to leave this world just like that. And then he installed My Afterwords. He recorded his messages for the people he loved, and said all the things that he wanted to say. With some comfort, he knew that even if that was his last day on Earth, he had already taken care of what he wanted to say.”

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